CNC Tube Laser Cutting

HK TL 6015

2kW Fiber

  • Output40%

Circle 15~165mm

  • Max. Capacity80%

Square 20x20 ~ 120mm X 120mm

  • Max. Capacity80%

Rectangle 20x20 ~ Outer Diagonal Max.165mm

  • Max. Capacity80%

BML chose HK Tube TL6015 2kW for tube cutting system.
Our tube laser cutting machine can cut any tubes and box profiles with large diameters and wall thicknesses without sacrificing productivity!
Our laser tube cutting machines cuts from 6 meters long with a diameter of up to 165mm for tube and 165mm for box section. Material thickness of 6mm can be easily success for mild steel.
No matter how complicated it might be we can achieve!

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