CNC Plate Laser Cutting
Why use Fiber Laser?

Laser cutting technology brings a lot of convenience possibilities in the industrial environment.

1. The lack of physical contact, all products obtain scratch-free surface and then assemble it where you need directly,
2. Precision cut,
3. Cutting small diameters, cutting complex shapes without change any tools,
4. Maximum performance with thin sheet metals,
5. Accurate shapes even on thicker materials,
6. Dross-free and very little burr edges,
7. Implement design changes with ease and gain time,
8. Energy efficiency,
9. Maintenance costs minimum,
10. High speed with low costs per part!


HK PS 6025

6.0kW Fiber

  • Output40%

6096mm X 2540mm

  • Max. Sheet Size88%

HK FS 3015

6.0kW Fiber

  • Output40%

3048mm X 1524mm

  • Max. Sheet Size88%
BML chose HK PS 6025 6.0kW and FL 3015 6.0kW for laser cutting systems. All of the machines are provided us high capacity and clean cutting. It brings lots of advantages to serve our customers.
Our high tech machines have a unique capability so we can cut easily high precision and high-quality materials.
Our CAD/CAM Engineer team enables us to make the best use of the materials by programming the software parameters. This procedure eliminates wasting materials and ensures economical advantages.
Furthermore, when using mixed O2 and N2 gasses during laser cutting while cutting speed increases, the cutting section reduces dross and oxide formation.

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